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Business trips are often a fact of life, and according to experts, vacations are necessary for emotional health. There are also circumstances out of your control that may require your time and temporarily refrain you from caring for your bird. Your pet bird being a full time member of your family, you want it to be cared for just like you would care for it yourself. Feathers in Flight can offer just that type of bird care and bird boarding he/she needs while you are away.

Even though your bird is one of your most precious friends, your life must not revolve around it for you to be a “good owner.” Exotic birds are long-lived creatures, and you want to enjoy them over the long haul. To achieve this, you need to have a life, too.

Many clients worry during their first trip, thinking about their bird’s wellness. Upon their return, they realize that instead of their bird languishing during their absence, it played, rested, ate and had a great time!  All this made possible by our 40 years of extensive experience of bird care and bird boarding.

Whether you need bird care or bird boarding for a day, a week, a month or even a more extended period, we will take care of your favorite pet just like you would do, providing all the essential attention and care a bird requires.

Regardless of the circumstances  surrounding  your need for you bird to be cared for you can leave with the confidence that he/she will not be deprived from company during your absence! Let Feathers in Flight provide you with peace of mind by knowing your bird is cared for by a conscientious bird boarding professional who cares for your bird companion just as much as you do.

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